Bathroom Remodeling Helps Improve Energy Efficiency in Chicago Homes


Chicago is known as “The Windy City” because of its weather. It is conveniently located near Lake Michigan so the cool breeze from the water form easily reaches nearby homes. Chicago is also known to be a leader when it comes to providing attractive housing that are economically sound. What’s lacking is the strengthening of Chicago’s Climate Action Plan that aims to create a 25% reduction in greenhouses gases by 2020 through the energy efficiency in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. This is where the importance of good home remodeling services come in.

Bathroom remodeling, for instance, provides you a lot of opportunities to conserve your home’s energy. The percentage of energy that you save will, of course, depend on the extent of your remodeling project. But regardless of the scale, it is always a good opportunity to save water and energy, control moisture and even improve comfort.

Conserving Water

Estimates suggest that about half of the water consumed in the home is used in the bathroom. Hence, by conserving water, you get to reap two main advantages: reduction of the amount of water used and reduction of the energy used to heat it.

When you hire a bathroom remodeling company in Chicago and you start talking about conserving water, the first thing that they’ll do would be to replace old faucets and worn-out showerheads with new ones.

In addition, having a new toilet in place is also said to save water. US-manufactured toilets, these days, are required to use only a maximum of 1.6 gallons of water per flush. That’s way better than the 3.5-5 gpf used by older models.

Conserving Energy Efficiency through Heat

Instead of keeping your old water heaters, your home contractor may suggest an insulating jacket to insulate hot water pipes. A new heater would be necessary if the old one is defunct or if there is a need for more capacity. Sealed combustion gas water heaters help save more than 30% of energy.


Light greatly changes the ambiance of a bathroom. A well-lit bathroom would make it cleaner and even look bigger. You and your family need enough lighting in order to see well when applying makeup or shaving.

A good home contractor would make use of as much natural lighting as possible by adding appropriate-sized windows or mirrors. If this is difficult to achieve, well-placed fluorescents would help.

These are only some of the tips to create a more energy-efficient home starting from the bathroom. Your preferred bathroom remodeling company in Chicago might have better ideas and it’s about time you start listening to them.