Commercial Construction is Growing in Chicago and It’s Not Hard to See Why


On your morning commute to work or when you’re taking the L on the weekend you may have noticed a lot of commercial construction projects commencing. From the building of the new corporate headquarters of McDonalds to Caterpillar’s giant announcement they’d be relocating from Peoria to Chicago it’s certain that our city landscape is changing.

These are two large-scale examples of the commercial construction boom that MG Bros Construction and other similar contractors are enjoying. The uptick is not necessarily indicative of a major shift in our economy, more of an example of companies seeing all the positive benefits that Chicago has to offer. Whether you’re looking to start a business, relocate here, or just want to enjoy the increased employment opportunities that this growth is going to offer here’s why the Windy City is only going to continue to expand:

The Ability to Appease Global Customers

One of the many benefits that Cat will enjoy after making the move to Chicago is a better transportation hub for their global clients. These worldwide customers can not only fly into the city much easier than both bigger and smaller airports, they can also navigate Chicago conveniently in a number of different ways.

Conveniently Located in the Middle of the USA

Chicago is not only the perfect location for global companies, it’s great for those looking to disperse their products to both costs. Shipping is more convenient when you’re centrally located but so are business meetings where you don’t have to spend 8 hours in flying time – only 4!

Lower Costs than the Coasts

San Francisco and the Silicon Valley has consistently been known as the hometown of tech. Think of New York companies and you think money and business. As industry has grown on both the East Coast and West Coast – so has costs. Meanwhile Chicago has maintained it’s Midwestern roots in terms of price – and personality.

Attract a Diverse Workforce

Chicago offers the perfect mix of downtown nightlife for the young corporate millennial or conversely a nice quiet suburban setting for workers with a family. We have a diverse population that can fulfill any type of employment need a company may have.

Chicago has always offered these types of amenities but it seems that with this latest commercial construction boom our cat is out of the bag. MG Bros Construction welcomes the opportunity as should those looking for competition between their favorite businesses (lower costs!) and an influx of employment openings.