What Are the Hottest Trends in Luxury Kitchen Design?


Luxury Kitchen Trends

The average American spends as much as 37 minutes a day on meal preparation and other kitchen chores. If you love cooking or have children, you can probably double that figure.

What’s more, as the trend towards open-plan living continues, it’s a rare family that can take the lock-up-and-go-away approach to their kitchen.

In this way, luxury kitchen design has streaked to the forefront of the exclusive North Shore lifestyle.

Here’s what you need to do to bring your kitchen into 2018 in the finest style.

Return to the Classics

We’ve already been over what the best-dressed kitchens will be wearing for 2018.

It’s time to look at the canvas that will showcase your funky new appliances, swish counters and LED lighting.

Black is back. Dark wood cabinets add warmth, compliment on-trend light quartz countertops and hide a multitude of scuffs.

Many of the most celebrated kitchen designs feature at least one dark color.

Nature is coming into play too with wood, concrete, and stone popping up in unexpected places.

Walls, countertops, and accents are returning to the rural tones of farm kitchens everywhere. Just in small doses.

Go Green with High-Tech Features

It’s time to go green and harness the power of solar. Smart and eco-friendly appliances lower your environmental footprint.

Secrets are in style, with concealed chargers and storage that disappears into its surroundings.

Worktops can be rolled away or hidden from sight, while fridges and microwaves disappear behind closed cabinetry doors. Out of sight is out of mind when it comes to kitchen clutter.

Install an Engine Room

Likewise, hidden pantries are all the rage when updating your kitchen.

These little rooms are perfect for storing supplies and anything else that you don’t want to showcase in your kitchen cupboards.

They conceal the inevitable clutter of the plastics cupboard or those dishes that are on their way to the scullery.

Open Up Those Spaces

Embrace the outdoors by optimizing natural light. Large windows and skylights are one of the most inspiring additions to any kitchen.

This European design trend looks like it’s here to stay. Even kitchens located in the center of the house are improved by opening up the spaces around them with cutouts.

Show Off Your Luxury Kitchen Design

The advent of the hidden pantry has led to the rise of the spectator kitchen.

Now, your center island becomes a place for guests to enjoy a glass of wine while you add the final flourish to your meals, or whip a sizzling roast out of the oven.

All the dirty work can be done out of sight in the bowels of the super pantry, returning the kitchen to its status as a gathering place for friends.


Your kitchen is a working space with important functions that go beyond showing off your immaculate taste. It’s also an intensely personal space that should work with your particular needs as well as style.

Work with your designer and contractors to ensure that it can still do its job while looking good. Let’s talk about your ultimate luxury kitchen design.