The Major Benefits of Hiring an All-In-One Construction and Design Company


Regardless of whether you’re renovating an existing home or building an entire new house there is likely to be many hands on deck for a successful completion of the project. From an initial designer to the general contractor to the plumbers, electricians, and finishers there is a lot of points of contact to run through to make sure your build is completed as planned.

Therein lies the problem. The more branches of the project that you must go through the harder it is to communicate – and the more it’s going to cost you. There’s an option of going with a general contractor that will subcontract each of these services for you but that only saves you in limiting communication, not lowering costs. Instead, it’s best to go with an all-in-one construction and design company such as MG Bros Construction – and here’s why:

It All Starts With the Design Phase

One of the biggest assets of hiring a construction contractor and designer in one is nailing down the blueprints right off the bat. Because we are the ones doing the building, we know what is feasible, what your options are, what will lower costs, and what will have to be subcontracted to a specialist. Nothing against architects but they are drawing up a plan usually without knowing who will be doing the building. Even if you’ve already hired a contractor, it takes a lot of back-and-forth between them and the designer to firmly know their capabilities, schedule, and more. This drives back deadlines before the first nail has even been driven.

You’ll Get a Firm Answer on Any Project Question – Before, During, and After the Build

When you’re spending thousands to millions of dollars it’s nice to make one phone call and get a firm answer regardless of what your question entails. Subcontracting all your services involves a lot of phone tag and each party may be waiting days to receive an answer – or they may not know it. An all-in-one contractor created the design, did the build, was involved in every aspect of the plumbing and electrical, and performed the finishing work. Call us and we’ll have an answer regardless of whether the project hasn’t started yet or it’s been complete for 6 months.

The Costs Are Lower

The way home improvement related service companies make money is by charging an overhead for their services. When subcontracting a designer, builder, mason, roofer, electrician, plumber, and more that’s a lot of overhead that drives up costs. With an all-in-one contractor, you’ll save on expanding profit margins and will instead have more budget to devote to the actual project.

All Work is Covered Under One Warranty

Say a drywaller buries a screw into a water line. Is it the drywallers fault for missing his or her joist or did the plumber put the pipe in the wrong area? Good luck finding one company or the other to admit their fault. With an all-in-one contractor damages are covered without question and without project delays for bickering.

Please contact us for more information about all the services that MG Bros offers as an all-in-one commercial and residential contractor.