Making the Most of Your Master Bedroom


bedroomHere at MG Bros we’ve tried to ingrain in your brain that a kitchen is the focal point of your home. Obviously it’s a centerpiece of the home because it serves functions ranging from entertaining to meal prep to creating the first impression of your abode. If it’s an accepted statement that 9 out of 10 real estate agents say the kitchen is the pivotal room in making a home sale – what could possibly be the other area?

The answer is the master bedroom. It kind of does make sense that there are some potential home buyers who have absolutely no interest in the features of a kitchen. They may not eat at home. They may not entertain. They may have alternating work shifts where the kitchen isn’t a meeting place. Regardless of all these “maybe’s” the home buyers are still going to sleep. This is why if you’ve already focused some home improvement budget towards fixing up a kitchen, bathroom, basement, or outdoor living space – it may be time to focus on the master bedroom with these renovations:

New Flooring

Hardwood is the desired choice of material for flooring in every room of the house – except the master bedroom. Here some people enjoy the luxury and dulcet tones of hardwood. Others prefer the actual physical warmth of carpet especially if they had a traumatic childhood memory with cold toes.

While carpet doesn’t retain much of its value when you sell it can be a very welcome addition for the time being. Going a step further, installing radiant heat underneath laminate wood or faux stone tile will give you the boost in looks and the physical warmth that anybody would covet.

Attached / Expanded Bathroom

The master sleep quarters is just a room with a bed if it doesn’t include an attached bathroom. You can knock down walls to include a bathroom or you can focus your budget on making it the most relaxing, peaceful, alluring sanctuary in your whole house.

Adding a Skylight

A master bedroom skylight is multi-functional in that it offers a great view of the stars at night but is a valuable source of natural light during the day. Skylights have been known to contribute to lower energy efficiency bills by reducing the need for light and retaining some heat. They look pretty cool while laying in bed as well.

Expanded Closets

Besides a bathroom the other major selling point of a master bedroom is the closet. In this case size does matter and walk-in closets can legitimately turn any on-the-fencer into a buyer. Expanded closets are very appealing as you live in your house as they help de-clutter and add valuable storage space.

Home Additions

If you’re doing a whole story home addition or just major add-on don’t forget to include plenty of space for the master bedroom. It might be tempting to cordon off a section of the house for an observatory, but you’ll sell your house for more if your buyer is a star and doesn’t just like looking at them.