Remodeling For Every Kitchen Function


KicthenreodelingOne of the reasons that real estate agents call the kitchen the most important room in the home is because it serves so many functions, sometimes at once. For example the kitchen is used for meal prep, cooking, and baking – sometimes commercially. Then of course there has to be an area to eat that food. Then again the kitchen has to be versatile enough for entertaining guests but also as a spot to do homework or read the paper and enjoy a morning coffee. Remember though, the kitchen has to be inviting enough to sometimes serve as the entry way into the home depending on the floor layout.

What we’re saying is that kitchens are used a lot but also for a variety of things. It can be hard for kitchen remodeling Barrington to increase market value because you simply don’t know what your future buyers are going to be into. They may have kids or be empty nesters, may be the neighborhood entertainers or just part-time residents, may cook frequently or might eat out four or five nights a week, etc. All that being said, the best plan of attack when renovating is to do so with yourself in mind. Here are some projects that can improve quality of living now but may also entice buyers down the line.


For those who like to cook frequently the best types of renovations are ones with 1) appliances, 2) space, and 3) storage in mind. As far as appliances the most important one for cooking is a range with the best being a dual-oven, gas model. Other kitchen remodeling Barrington projects for appliances may be creating room for a warming drawer and definitely installing a dishwasher for easy cleanup.

One thing about adding appliances is that it seemingly contradicts the need for space. If you have a large area it’s not usually a problem but therein lies a renovation itself – expanding the spot for a kitchen. This can be done rather easily by tearing down a non load-bearing wall and creating an open floor plan or it may involve adding on to the exterior of the home which requires a bigger budget. Please contact us for more information about specific kitchen remodeling options for your home.


When entertaining the key kitchen remodeling Barrington project is creating space which again is where an open floor plan comes in handy. If space is limited, creating an area to congregate can have just as big of an advantage such as a project of installing a center island. An undercounter wine fridge is great for entertaining as well and also offers a modern aesthetic. Installing various lighting is especially important when hosting guests as it should be both functional, yet subtle and inviting.


Storage is important whether you cook frequently, entertain guests often, or barely use the kitchen. Kitchen remodeling Barrington with a project of creating a pantry (even in an off area such as a dining room) offers incredible ROI in storage and organization for both food and cookware. Building extra cabinets or shelving also offers more functionality rather than a plain wall.


Finally there are some kitchen remodeling Barrington renovations that are done mostly to please the eye and add a sense of luxury to the area. A project such as installing granite countertops is great because it looks cool but also makes meal prep easier and calms guests while entertaining. Installing warm hardwood floors or an elegant backsplash also increase the appeal of the kitchen to the homeowner, residents, and visitors all alike.