Even Small Kitchen Renovations Can Make a Big Impact


Kicthen remodelingIt’s embedded in most homeowners’ brains that the kitchen is the most
important room of the home as 9 out of 10 real estate agents suggest
(master bedroom being the other). The kitchen serves as a spot to prepare
meals, entertain guests, and be a focal point for the first area entered
the home in many layouts. For this reason, it’s important to have a kitchen
area that ‘pops’ for both current use and future buyers.

Thorough kitchen remodeling Arllington Heights is a great investment that
provides an instant return but also makes the home more valuable down the
line. That being said not every kitchen renovation project has to be
installing new granite countertops or laying hardwood floors or replacing
appliances with stainless models. There are a number of kitchen upgrades
that are budget-friendly, non-invasive, and really do increase quality of
living while making the area more functional – here are a few:

Creating an Open Concept By Tearing Down Walls

It may not seem like a simple DIY project like painting a kitchen cabinet
but tearing down walls to open up a kitchen is one of the best renovations
a homeowner can make…if the layout permits. Plus, the demolition work for
breaking down these dead (non load-bearing) is a fun stress reliever that
requires more strength than skill. A contractor will have to come in and
possibly reroute the wiring as well as do some framing and finishing but
the end result is an open kitchen that is more inviting, less cramped, and
with increased functionality.

Add a Window

Kitchens especially have almost a requirement for a window for reasons such
as providing natural light and having a source of air to remove odors and
smoke from cooking (burning) dinner. A window in a small kitchen also helps
create an illusion of more space and gives a glimpse into the outside world
when doing extensive meal prep or washing dishes after holiday gatherings.
If there is an exterior wall, kitchen remodeling Arlington Heights involves
nothing more than cutting an opening, framing in an energy saving window,
and installing trim on the inside and outside of the home.

Be Smart With Storage

A kitchen without storage is like a bedroom without a place to sleep. The
big question is though, how do you create space in a small kitchen? The
truth is sometimes to make space you have to take up space, or perhaps more
accurately use the space wisely. Some examples involve storing things as
vertically as possible with hooks, shelves, or lowering cabinets to create
room above. It also helps to be creative such as purchasing an old
wardrobe, refinishing it, and using it as a pantry that looks like it
belongs. Please contact us for some quotes or examples of increasing
storage in your specific projects for kitchen remodeling Arlington Heights.

Install a Center Island

Almost as bad as a lack of space in a kitchen is too much ‘dead’ space. One
such example is a kitchen with a large space in the center of the floor.
Sure it’s nice to be able to move around freely but a kitchen remodeling
Arlington Heights project such as installing a center island in that spot
increases functionality by offering a spot to gather and eat, creates a
spot for light that doesn’t look out of place, and provides room for
storage both inside and above the countertops.

These simple projects for kitchen remodeling Arlington Heights are easy on
the budget and provide an incredible amount of ROI. Contact us today for
more information about how to make your kitchen more functional while alsoadding style and personality to the most important room in your home.