How to Wind Down Your Home After the Long Winter


With the colder temperatures (hopefully) in the rear view for good, the last thing on most Chicago residents mind is next Winter. That being said, the end of Winter 2016/17 is the best time to prepare for the season in 2017/18. You want to wind down your house properly to ensure a seamless transition into Spring, but also so that your home features will be ready to operate when the temperatures start to drop again in a few short months.

Roof Inspection

One of the first things you might want to do after the Winter season winds down is to have your roof inspected. The buildup of snow and ice, especially here in our Midwestern Winters, can really cause some wear and tear on your roof. The weight of the snow may have caused your roof structure to sag or at the very least ended curling up or buckling shingles.

An inspection goes well beyond the roof shingles. You’ll also need to make sure that flashing around the chimney stayed in place and that skylights did not receive any damage. MG Bros offers free roof inspections so give us a call to schedule one today.

Fix Gutters

Another thing that the heavy snow and ice may have done was pull apart your gutters – either away from each other or apart from the house. As the rainy Spring season approaches you’ll want to make sure your gutters (and downspouts, drains, etc.)are fully in tact to dispense the water where it needs to go.


First off having your home repainted has always been one of the best investments that can be made. Not only does painting your home provide a great boost in style and curb appeal, it creates a seal against moisture. Winter ice and snow can cause exterior paint to crack and buckle – not only making your home look a bit broken down but also opening up a potential moisture access point.

Caulk Windows

The Winter temperatures and subsequent warming can also cause windows to expand and contract. This creates gaps around windows (and doors) which not only put your home’s interior at risk for leaks, but also serve as a point of energy loss for when it’s finally time to crank the A/C back up.

General Spring Maintenance

MG Bros Construction offers a number of different maintenance plans to get your home recovered from the Winter and prepared for the Spring. We’ll make sure the cold Winter temps and build up and snow and ice haven’t caused any irreparable damages – and make the fixes if they did.